Sunday, August 13

Testing... Testing...

    I'm giving an alternate blogging software host a shot over at If you oringinally visited this site by, the redirect should bring you straight there, so no need to update any links / bookmarks / favorites... check it out and tell me what you think... Remember, that's if you're still seeing this page...

Friday, July 21

Holy Shit Poop!

    I almost would rather have you guys view the High Def version here instead of looking at the shit quality one on YouTube, but for the lazy - here you go:

Monday, July 17

Beat 7069.47m!

    This game is freakin addicting... No mortal man can beat my score... Oh, and fuck that "stop" bitch... fuckin whore!

Click here to play Nania-Crash

[EDIT: 9309.43m]

Freakin Sweeet

    I'll actually post something when I have something to say... As for right now, I have alot of work to do and I feel like taking a shit again..

Population Control at it's Best

Wednesday, July 12

Smile Damn It!


    Can you believe that title actually sounded funny to me when it was typed?.. Ahh, beer.. How I've missed thee.... Oh, and here is a video of my twin brother in Japan... We are so much alike...