Thursday, June 16

Woman Misunderstands Place In Society

    Sad day for the United States Air Force this week, where the first woman has been allowed to join the world-famous Thunderbirds aircraft acrobatics team... I long for the times of old where women didn't have the right to vote, think, drive, speak their minds, or breathe without permission... Don't misunderstand that as opposition for women in the military... There are plenty of open jobs for cooks, janitors, and pole dancers...

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Ballzak said...

That girl isn't to bad looking either...I'd do her.

Also, when the fuck is the dumbass Air Force going to scrap those stupid lawn dart F-16's and switch the Thunder Birds over to the new Raptors?

Then they could give the big middle finger to those Navy ass pirate Blue Angels and their lame FA-18 Stupid Hornets.