Wednesday, July 13


    So anyhow, my neighbors are a bunch of stupid assholes... Their wireless 802.11g keeps popping up in my scans for my own home network... Sooooooooooooooooo, long story short, after all the stupid bullshit the neighbors do - i decided to fuck with them... I used my notebook and logged into their router and changed their password... It's not exactly like it was encrypted... In fact, the title of their network is a hex encryption code, which shows that they tried to make it secure; but are either too inbred or too 'south of the border' to understand what a kumpooter is... Now, given that I am the only person with access to their home network, I think I'll pop up at random times and fuck with them... They'll get a virus scan, spyware scan, reformat, call tech support, whatever... That won't fix a god damn thing... I do not like these people, and I will make their computer related life a living hell... Fuck them... Fuck them in the dirty assholes...

My neighbor's change password screen on their router :P

Thursday, July 7

The Ultimate Computer

    I've built the ultimate computer... AMD X2 4800, nVidia 7800, sata150 400 gig, xms corsair 4GB, blah blah... however, the ultimate computer comes at a pseudo-ultimate price of $3,500... AND that's assuming you have a mouse, keyboard, optical drive, monitor, speakers, router, operating system, etc... you can see the wishlist (sans AMD X2 4800+) here... however, if you want to see my personal excel program that incorporates multiple vendors check it out here...

Niggaz Back N Da Hizzy Yo!

    Well, sadly we're back from our vacation and its back to work we go... thank god for beer though I tell you, or else the utter shock of reality would be too overwhelming for my ass to handle... All in all it was a good trip... We lost a good $200 in those fucking rip off god damn shit fdfjsal;kjsaf machines they have, but we got them back... oh yeah... got them back good... we paid $9 a beer... TAKE THAT VEGAS!! BOO YAH!

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