Wednesday, October 26

Elbaf the Great

    I fuckin hate Role Playing Games with every fiber of my being... This is mostly due to not being patient enough to spend 49879342 hours in front of a screen for the sole purpose of determining what some virtual retard does... New RPGs have some shit like 3000 hours of gameplay, and when you add online play - that number becomes more than infinate... These fuckin people amaze me though... How can you actually be interested long enough to give your character a job?.. a wife and kids?.. or even his house in a community full of other losers?.. If you're under 18, I get it (your options are pretty much limited)... Otherwise - HOLY FUCK MAN... GO DO SOMETHING!.. With that said, I became a temporary nerd for 13 hours... 13 hours is how long it took me to beat "Fable"...

Funky Buttlover: In Fable you take control over this kid whose family gets raped & beaten and left for dead... It is your life's destiny to get the son of a bitch back who did it... In the course of your journey, you come across many positive and negative life decisions... What you choose changes your appearance, your strengths and weaknesses, and the amount of possibilities that are available to you...

Did I like it?: Fuck yes!.. This game fuckin rocks!.. After I made a few 'good' decisions, the fuckin town loved me.. All the women practically wet themselves when I entered their town... Battle after battle, my character grew more 'holy', and was obvious after the later presence of a halo over my head... But after all was said and done, I whooped some monkey fuckin ass towards the end of the game... Too bad the damn thing is so short... I really expected a longer experience from a headliner RPG... I'd recommend it to anyone that isn't blind or dead (& has at least 13 hours to throw away and no girlfriend / wife to piss off with this addictive distraction)... Overall, Sachz Inc. gives it:

4.8 Nivrgilaid Swords (Lvl. 3) out of 5

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