Sunday, October 23

I Just Wanna Say 'What the Fuck?!?'

    It's a sad time when you realize that your childhood is no more... At times I catch myself thinking about the years past and how great Christmas time was for such an innocent young man... I remember hardly getting a winks sleep the night before Dec 25th, with thoughts of Santa Claus dropping off presents near the chimney... My heart nearly jumping out of my chest knowing that the 2 week Christmas break is right around the corner... And the start of all the Winter events - the weather... Having grown up in southern California, I never got to experience snow or even sub-60 degree weather, but the cold air always made me feel better...

    Now since all the corniness is out of the way, I'd like to say FUCK THIS PLACE... FUCK THIS PLACE IN THE ASSHOLE... You realize that it's fuckin October 23rd, and that it was 91 degrees out here yesterday?!? FUCK... This is the time when all the old people flap their flabby arms and fly into town to enjoy the summer-like weather as a trade off from their second or even third home's weather... Kinda trailin off here... I'll sum up where I was going to head:

● Fuck old people
● Fuck women drivers
● Pizza Hut can suck my ass
● White Sox are cheaters
● Stop complaining about Bush already.. Christ!
● White people aren't black - SO STOP IT!
● There is no God - do something productive for a change
● Adult Swim is getting OLD... I can't take any more episodes of Family Guy! ENOUGH ALREADY!

... Funny Ricer Shit... Guess that's it, I'm gonna go play some shitty game on Xbox or watch another episode of Family Guy on Adult Swim... Peace Nigga!

- Harry

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