Tuesday, October 18

Road Wet.... Go Around and Sit in Traffic!

    Did I ever mention that the cock in the ass city I reside in is complete bullshit, ran by over eager, knocking on death's door, elitist, keeping up with the jones', can't drive worth a shit, too much free time on their hands, rich fucks?.. The ONE fucking day that it rains, they freak... Roads are shut down, the detour signs come out, news crews everywhere reporting on the traumatic combination of water and dirt... When there is anything other than a 150 degree sunny day, they freak... The news people live for days like this because there is no other news to report on... Nobody cares that yet ANOTHER old person fell over dead in his $3.5 million dollar mansion after playing 18 holes of golf, they want to see the story as it breaks.... WATER FROM THE SKY '05...

...Downpour in the Desert!!

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