Sunday, November 27

Absolut Thanksgiving

    If you come across a spelling / grammar error, ignore it - I be fuckered up off of the liquor... Thanksgiving was great... If I ate any more turkey, I would have exploded and infected the entire country with the supposed 'avian flu'... That thing scares the shit out of me.. A whole 11 people have been infected so far!!.. With the odds of infection at a whopping 11:6,000,000,000 it's a wonder why we're not all dead!! BE WARNED!!!

    There has to be something a binge drinker can complain about... Xbox, the 360 seems to be a whopping piece of garbage... Seems that people are experiencing horrible graphical issues, overheating, and lack of backwards compatibility... The system, however, does a little justice with it's usb device connectivity and it's windows media center integration... Plus you can look really cool with your Xbox 360 hat from the Xbox Gear Store, and there's some hope yet with running linux on your $400 piece of machinery... It may be justifyable afterall...

    Funny shit though, Sony of all freaking people - which has been in the news recently with it's "Rootkit" bullshit, has made more headlines this week with some 'Anti-360' propoganda... If my drunk ass read correctly, it seems that they paid some people to spread malicious rumors of overheating issues that cause the 360 to crash... Way to get your name out of the gutter Sony!..

    Now onto drunken babble: I found a way to cook breakfast on your computer's processor (courtesy of Hack-a-day)... Put that old AMD XP+ processor to good use... A 1.8 Ghz CPU isn't worth a crap now anyhow, unless you like the word processing... And how can anyone miss the new Aeon Flux movie?!?... It doesn't look like they put it together in 5 minutes, gererated the script with some sort of online java program, or half assed the characters with any sort of stereotypical secret agent generic bullshit... Hopefully, my html coding and typing ability doesn't make me seem tooooooo retarded... [H]ouse be on, so I be off... L8!!!

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Phronk said...

Can't comment. Too busy playing my dangerously hot Xbox 360. Shit, another fire...gotta go.