Sunday, November 13

Maf Sukz

    Well, it's another day... There has been a serious lack of activity here at Sachz Inc.. I haven't done any work this quarter in my online advanced calculus course, so I've had to spend the last couple days learning 11 weeks of course material for the final on Wednesday... I figure another 8 hours in front of the book, I should be good... ANYHOW...

    I know alot of people have been caught in the web of the online auction site eBay... I've been ripped off more times than I would like to mention... However, this guy takes "aggressive sales pitch" to a new level... The man threatened - "I know exactly where you fucking live. E-mail me again and see what happens to your little bitch ass." ... Wow... Speaking of dumbasses, people on eBay are selling the new Xbox system for over $4,000... I read that they're all sold out until 2006.. they have 3 million pre-orders, and only 400,000 units for all of North America (which is well below their 1 million projected production)... Oh, I love this [link] :

"...the outer casing of the Xbox 360 won’t have any screws and will feature a number of tamper evident labels. So if you’re a half-assed hacker that decides to crack open the box, but then decide you want to exchange it for a new one, good luck. Warranty voided, pal."

    Oh yeah... If you're already opening the system, you could pretty much say that you could give half a fuck about getting another one... When I purchased my first Xbox, I had spent over $750 in games - and not ONE of them was any good... The only game worth purchasing is Halo... So when I learned that you could 'mod' the system many years ago, and turn it into a multimedia machine, I tore that fucker open with my bare teeth... SOMETHING needed to justify all the money that I poured into the damn thing... You could guess what I don't want for Christmas - a 360... However, if you're lookin for something to get me, check out - A lockpick set, 19" Monitor, Video Card, FSM Shirt, and Processor

... I gawtta go do the maf thing naw... So I be back later... 131213 N1994!

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