Monday, November 14

Vintage Gaming Quizzage!

    I need to fuckin go to sleep... BUT NO!.. I have to be up playing with flash AGAIN!.. God... I would be a rich man if 'fuckin off' and 'wasting time' were my job... Hey, look at that, The Three Stooges is on... YES!... Oh, here's why I'll be tired as fuck in the morning:

... if all goes well, i'll sleep well tonight :D... PIECE!!

1 comment:

Phronk said...

I only got 4 out of 10. And I thought I knew a lot about old games. I guess I don't know myself. Time to take a shotgun to my face.

In other news, that quiz reminded me of Startropics...a game I loved back in the day, but I have a feeling would suck ass if I went back and played it now. The kid killed things with a yo-yo....what the hell?