Wednesday, November 23

You Get That Thing I Sent You?

    Well, the concert last night was rad... But of course I forgot my camera again, so no picture fo yoo!..

    It turns out that Sony has finally released more information regarding the Playstation 3's release in mid-2006... With the overwhelming response to the Xbox 360 game console at its $400 price point, Sony will release their system for "under $400" (read: $399.99 9/10 + tax)... Update: Turns out this is bogus information fueled by some misinformed publishers... This is a large difference from the previously stated $650 price tag originally told by Sony execs... Their hardware in their PS3 console system costs well over that with the included $1,000+ next gen high definition / high density Blu-Ray dvd drive... Sony told the press that "...the PS3 will initially be sold at a significant loss in order to drive the Blu-Ray next-generation DVD standard out into the marketplace.".. (Microsoft is stated as losing $126 for each Xbox sold)

    For those unfamiliar with the next-gen dvd war - Blu-Ray (Sony's brainchild) holds 25GB on a single layer whereas HD-DVD (Toshiba's bitch) will hold 15GB... This will more than definately give Sony the edge in the entertainment industry come PS3's release... But it should be noted that no game developer as of yet has maxed out the storage capacity of a standard dvd disc... Good news for Microsoft...

    To further entice the deal, Sony said, ".. [the PS3] will come with a bundle of games, movies, and TV shows, many of which Sony also makes.".. It might just be worth the wait afterall... So to help the normal "I don't know which fuckin system to buy" person, I decided to make this little chart to make it easier to decide between the two systems...

Should You Waste Money on a "Next-Gen" Game Console?

  Xbox 360 Playstation 3
Manufacturer Microsoft Sony
Processor Custom IBM PowerPC CPU @ 3.2GHz Cell Processor @ 3.2 GHz
Graphics Custom ATI Processor RSX "Reality Synthesizer"
Memory 512MB (shared with CPU & GPU) 256MB (down from 512 as speculated)
Storage 20GB Removable 2.5in Removable Hard Drive (size not released)
Optical Medium Dual Layer DVD Blu-Ray DVD
Video Support 480p, 480i, 720p, 1080i 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p and Dual Screen support
Backwards Compatibility Not 100% - Click for list of games Full
Controller Support 4 Wireless
(2.4 GHz)
7 Wireless
Other Connectors 3 USB 2.0
2 Memory Slots
Ethernet Port
6 USB 2.0
CF Slot (I, II)
SD Slot
Memory Stick Mem Stick Duo
1 x Optical Audio
Logo Text Arial Bold Spiderman Movie Font
Screen Shots Click Here Console and
Misc. Shit Mod-able? Region Free

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Phronk said...

Why waste money on one system when you can waste money on BOTH?

Although that Spider-man font almost makes me want to stick with Sony exclusively. Mmm, font.