Sunday, December 4

FSMas time again!

    Kinda bummer of a winter when you spend it in one of the warmest places in the United States... I was playing around with the Xbox's media center functionality, when I looked up the local weather (click for bigger pic).. 70 and sunny for the rest of the week, and it's the beginning of DECEMBER... I bet Santa will be sweating his jolly ol' balls off in his thick red suit when he comes down my chimney this fsmas... How does that fat ass survive when he has to go to hot ass places like Afghanistan and Iraq?.. Oh right, he won't be going there because they're ALL TERRORISTS!!.. No presents fo yoo!..

    Oh, some of the funniest shit EVER!... The Pirate Bay (being a bit torrent indexing site and all) has received a countless number of legal threats to their website administrator... Take a minute and read a few of them, he has a great sense of humor (and isn't intimidated since he knows the limits of the law)... The Xbox360 is being reported by CNet as consuming 160 watts of power.. for all you non-electronics engineer types out there, it basically means "360 takes alot of electricity"... This list shows you a list of common household appliances and their wattage consumption.. Now keep in mind when looking at these rates, that these numbers are mostly only a temporary factor (for instance - a microwave oven runs at 750 watts, but it is typically ran for only 3 minutes a day; while the Xbox 360 is typically ran 24/7 for the nerdboy stay-at-home types)... So, in terms for us Californians, that turns out to be an extra $3,000 in our electric bill every month!.. Keep that in mind when you buy the Xbox for your kids... Selling your youngest for slave labor brings home some serious extra cash, so keep that in mind with all those holiday bills coming your way... Oh, and has an in-depth article about all those scratched discs you're getting with your new system... It's late, so I go to bed now...


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