Sunday, August 13

Testing... Testing...

    I'm giving an alternate blogging software host a shot over at If you oringinally visited this site by, the redirect should bring you straight there, so no need to update any links / bookmarks / favorites... check it out and tell me what you think... Remember, that's if you're still seeing this page...

Friday, July 21

Holy Shit Poop!

    I almost would rather have you guys view the High Def version here instead of looking at the shit quality one on YouTube, but for the lazy - here you go:

Monday, July 17

Beat 7069.47m!

    This game is freakin addicting... No mortal man can beat my score... Oh, and fuck that "stop" bitch... fuckin whore!

Click here to play Nania-Crash

[EDIT: 9309.43m]

Freakin Sweeet

    I'll actually post something when I have something to say... As for right now, I have alot of work to do and I feel like taking a shit again..

Population Control at it's Best

Wednesday, July 12

Smile Damn It!


    Can you believe that title actually sounded funny to me when it was typed?.. Ahh, beer.. How I've missed thee.... Oh, and here is a video of my twin brother in Japan... We are so much alike...

Friday, July 7

Best Buy is Crap?.. The hell you say..!

    Man, when I was a teenager, I would love nothing more than to visit my local technology shops, they were my equivalent of a strip club... Growing up in southern Caleeforn-ya, there are many to choose from - Best Buy, Circuit City, Fry's, Sam Goody, The Good Guys, etc... I often commented that I would love nothing more than to take a mattress and move into the back of Best Buy and live there until I grew old and retarded - be the weird guy in the computer department...

    Well, the more I learn about electronics, the more I realize that Best Buy isn't for us geeks... For those that have a clue, or those that just do their research, their stocks aren't exactly what you would call "good" or even "worthwhile"... Of course, this doesn't apply to ALL their products, I'll leave the Video Games / Dvds / Mice / Wires / simple purchases out of this conversation... They carry generic products, have horribly undertrained / unintelligent staff, and 'treat their customers like commodities' - to quote Leo... Anyone that has a geek friend will know enough to stay away from 'brick and mortor' stores like Best Buy and head towards the more competitive online marketplace... I have 3 buddies that (have) work(ed) at Best Buy, and can't stop talking about how shitty they are...

    Opinions like ours aren't completely random either, and most are taken to harsh, sometimes violent extremes... Check out:

- Best Buy Sux
- I Hate Best Buy

    I recommend:, the "Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 05:59:01 +0900" story... good read...

Thursday, July 6

Wow, Didn't Realize IE is Still Used...

    So there I was, taking a shit, when I take a look on my site with other browsers to check compatibility... I get to my least favorite, Internet Explorer, and noticed that none of the images with transparency are coming up correctly... Most all the images on this page are .png and are completely fucked up lookin in IE... Every time that I code a page, IE is always the hardest to make compatible with... WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL USING IT?!? It's full of security holes, stability issues, and opens up your computer to all kinds of annoyances (spyware, virii, popups, firewall issues, incompatibility)... Aren't any of these anti-trust lawsuits with Microsoft doing any good?.. Please people, do yourself a favor and use a decent browser.. Anything else, I don't care - ANYTHING... But until I fix these image problems, I apologize to the IE users for your choice in software...

    Here are some links for other browsers -
Firefox 1.504, Opera 9.0, Mozilla, & Netscape

    Mac & Linux users need not worry... Your 'out of box' software works without any problems or security issues - Konquerer, Epiphany, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Camino (open source Safari alternative) - to name a few...

Wednesday, July 5

Oh Sh*t! Mall Cops!

    And to commemorate a new look for this page, let me introduce - Bob Saget

Tuesday, July 4

Warning: Sober Guy @ Computer - Proceed with Caution

    Being on the computer isn't quite as fun when the house is as dry as the Sahara... I'm gonna try and stick with this 'not wasting every last penny I have on beer' diet for the month of July (sans the 4th and related social gatherings); and with any luck, maybe I'll lose some weight in the process... All previous attempts have failed miserably, causing my fat ass to sport a well rounded 27.3 BMI...

    So anyhow, I found these sites that allow you to generate error messages and warning signs to take away minutes of your afternoon boredom... The galleries of user submitted entries aren't really that funny, but worth a view for a chuckle... Mine are much better, and if I should say so myself, they deserve an academy award...

[6 hours & counting - status: hopeful]

Monday, July 3

Piggy Personality Test - Pork Pork Pork

    It's me again, 3 in the morning as usual, lookin for shit to do... For some reason my addiction to the computer far surpasses rational sleep / eating patterns...

    Growing up, I've always enjoyed drawing things and taking tests... So my prayers were answered when I found out that you can do both AT THE SAME TIME!.. Holy fuck shit, I can die happy now... Check out: the Piggy Drawing 101 / How fuckin crazy are you? exam online... If you wanna know how nuckin futs I am, take a look at this shit... The original really looked much better than the shit hole one in the link... Why can't they preserve piggy art in it's original, most perfect form?... Damn communists... [hindsight being 20/20, I should have just drawn a tail that filled the screen]

Saturday, July 1

Magazine and Booknanza!

    I'm more than certain that this isn't legal in the least, but it's pretty fuckin cool... it has google ads all over it, so that must mean they support it :P

1000's of eBooks

    Sachz Inc. and it's employees don't condone the use of this [eBook] site or any site like it in the act of 'piracy' or the free distribution of copyrighted material... Any documents in question that have been gathered from the above link are based solely on the users actions and not from tools aquired from Sachz Inc. affiliates... Downloading is illegal and immoral... Scientology is the only thing in this world that is real... Xenu forever!..

Friday, June 30

For Brock #2

    Fat dude gets bitched!

Hilarity Ensues - Japanese Style

    Nothing better on a hot summer day than watching naked Japanese people in a rocket chair slalom...

For Brock

    This guy rules!

Thursday, June 29

Most Kick Ass Movie..... EVER!

I have to shit myself now... So I'll let the trailer speak for itself

Tuesday, June 27

Star Wars Jokes R Teh Funny

    OH MY FUCKING GOD.. IT'S NOT A VIDEO FROM YOUTUBE!?!?... No, it's a video from Gube.. OH SNAP YO!!

EDIT [since the movie autostarts - click here to play it]

Windows = the poop

    Man, thank god this will never become a reality... You know what else is funny; if there is a remark above the video in this blog, no one gives a shit... So I feel it is necessary to fill this shit up with whatever the fuck I want... Let's start with, I was the second gunman on the grassy knoll.. Not good enough?.. Okay, well, I have sex with underage hamsters.... Then shit on their faces in a fit of rage... Enjoy the video...

- Thanks to Hacked Gadgets for the link...

Automiton Doorness

    This is one of the coolest god damn things I have ever seen... Fuck Star Trek... Jean Luc can suck my wide ass...

Sunday, June 25

Ten Ten.... Ten Ten Ten

    If this is what Japanese television shows are like, I'm moving there next week... I would easily trade in the garbage we have for this stuff...

the object is to not laugh at the man learning english, or you will be punished

the old man is a trip

Dell is Great for Pr0n!

    I'm gettin my ass a Dell...

Saturday, June 24

It's So Bad!

    Man, had a serious childhood flashback tonight... I am turning into an old man at an incredibly fast rate... Here, I'll prove it to you... "Games today aren't any fun. The games in my day were all about replay value. They didn't have to get kids attention with shiny graphics and all the sex and bad language".. Anyone remember the Nintendo cereal?...

    God, R.O.B... Fuckin ROB... I remember this bitch down the street that had one of these sets, he got his ass kicked everytime his spoiled bitch ass stepped outside the house... Fuckin 5 year olds, I swear... Think they're better than everyone....

    But you gotta beat Mike Tyson...

    Last video... Have to do something about the kids playing in my yard...

Calls Calls Calls... Calls from the public *FWAP*

    If you have no clue who Sifl & Olly is, get the fuck out now.... ... No seriously, you're not fuckin wanted around here... ... Stop fuckin reading!... GET OUT!

OMG LOL! He said the N* word!!

    Is it just me, or has Adult Swim turned to absolute garbage?.. Why must everything good turn to complete shit when it gets mainstream attention?.. They used to have great shows on there like Freakazoid!, Animaniacs, Space Ghost, the Brak Show, and Sealab - then replaced them with 12 oz. mouse, Morel Orel, Minoriteam, Tom Goes to the Mayor, and continual reruns of Family Guy... One of their flagship shows, The Boondocks, is only funny due to their "edgy" use of the word nigga... For instance, here is one of their comics I pulled off the interweb:

Fuck Adult Swim

Friday, June 23

Hairy Bitch Parade

    These commercials fuckin ROCK!! More advertisers need to cater to the viewers comedic desires, rather than constantly shoving bullshit down our throats...

    Also check out The Water Bowl, Salt Shaker, and an OG Zeldawg... PEACE!

Tuesday, June 20

Monday, June 19

Sweet Ass Icon-ness

    Added a new icon to the list of tags on the bottom right of the page -

    For all of you that didn't know that anything was sitting down there, let me give a quick rundown... I wouldn't put them there for no fuckin reason if they didn't serve some sort of purpose...

Photobucket keeps all of your bookmarks online for easy organization and safe keeping... The icon will bring you to the list of links that I personally keep... Cool shit...

If you use Google.ig, Netvibes is a great nerd(ier) alternative... Completely customizable and there are a shitload of things you can add to it at

If you have one of those keychain flashdrives, you can run customized applications such as Firefox, antivirus, and the complete OpenOffice suite of applications directly from the device itself...

Frappr is a social website that integrates google maps into the background to show where individual friends are geographically located... However, this works just opposite in my case and shows off how much of a "social tech" loser I am... Humor me, and stick a pin in my map... I guarantee that each pin is one less bullet in the chamber... (just kidding)

The commonly used XML icon refers to an RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed, where anytime a particular website is updated, your RSS client lets you know... Give it a shot with

For the rest of the icons, be bold and give em a shot...

It's Brisk Baby!

    For all the fans of great shows no longer airing on television, tech innovations such as YouTube and Video.Google allow us to remember times past in all it's glory... Check out these links to full shows online... I recommend 'The State'

Digg User 1's List:
    Animaniacs, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Beavis & Butt-Head, Bobby's World, Count Duckula, Ducktales, Freakazoid, Hong Kong Phooey, Inspector Gadget, Johnny Bravo, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Brothers Super Show, TMNT, The Tick, Transformers, X-Men, etc...

Digg User 2's List:
    Charles in Charge, Different Strokes, Double Dare, Married with Children, The State, You Can't Do That on Television, etc....

God I love YouTube

Me hav rong dong

    To support our technological leaders on the other side of the world, here is a video of an asian getting naked in 7.31 seconds... Too bad once they're naked, they have nothing to show for it...

Friday, June 9

I'll give you a TKO from Tokyo!

    Man, it's been a busy few weeks... When I'm not busy fuckin up my GPA, I'm getting un-sober... I'm in the middle of my first one right now, so here are some kick ass shit that I found on YouTube this week...

    Somehow this cocksucker beat Mike Tyson's Punch Out! in under 18 minutes... One of my favorite games of all time, I have a hard time getting past Mr. Sandman... Fuck that arab fuck...

    This dude is a fuckin TRIP!.. I recommend watching it when you're drunk, high, or when you're girl is standing over your shoulder - to prove that you do things on the computer other than look up porn...

Peas & Carrots man...

Nintendo Monopoly prototype pictures released

There's going to be a Monopoly board game based on Nintendo characters. The tokens look pretty sweet.

read more | digg story

Friday, May 26

Crazy Ass Weather Pictures

Absolutely amazing pictures from a storm chaser in Nebraska.

Ahhh.... I remember the days when this kinda shit was outside my window, but now all i ever see is hot, scorching 180 degree sand... Definately a great place to raise a family... If the link is too flooded with users, the mirrors below will also work... Once finals are over, more posts will be a comin'... sorry folks :/

read more | digg story

Thursday, May 11

Klaatu Barada Nikto

    Speaking of reaching the youth with friendly, mind-altering approaches, the BSA [Business Software Alliance] has developed a new way to curb piracy in a pseudo-grassroots movement... The BSA Cyber Treehouse is a 'kid-friendly' way to teach the youth of America many important life decisions - all of which keep sending the recording, movie, and software industry those bloated paychecks each month... Taken from their site...

It's UNCOOL to use the internet to:

● E-Mail or chat with strangers [makes sense]

● Give out personal information about yourself (name, address, phone number, credit card numbers, school, likes / dislikes, your picture [good point]

● Download or share copyrighted software programs, music, movies, or games without paying for them [wait... what?]

● Copy pictures or books and magazines without the permission of the author or artist [kids know how to do this?]

● Read or look at anything that makes you uncomfortable [isn't this what the internet is used for?]
    Well, for anyone that knows me, it's blatently obvious that I couldn't have my kids unprotected from the dangers of the internet... As soon as I discovered there was such a site looking to strengthen the moral fabric of families everywhere, I forced my son to read, memorize, and recite the site in it's entirety so that no future illegal mishaps may occur... He's very proud of all his hard work [although, he's mostly thankful that I put away the "lesson" belt], but he wanted me to post his certificate for all to see... Thank you BSA

Play It CyberSafe!

Wednesday, May 10

I Speak tha Troof... I Come in tha Name of Jesus!

    According to Google, this video has been viewed well over 280,000 times, so I'm just doing my part to spreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad tha werd... If you come in tha name of Jesus with tha powa of da holy spi-it, do your part to justify YouTube's $1 Million a month bandwidth fees, and support their website...

    For further research, check out the Spirit of the Truth's second video and the MySpace page... If you want to learn more about chrisitanity, check out Dr. Dino's website... He spent his entire life developing a child friendly theme park, where "dinosaurs and the bible meet"... You can learn all kinds of interesting facts; like what caused dinosaurs to become extinct well over 3,000 years ago and why evolution doesn't hold a candle to the proven facts of creationist beliefs...

Monday, May 8

Hi, I'm Skeletor.

    Came across The Skeletor Show on YouTube today... Don't want to waste your time, check it out: Episode 1, 2, 3 [below], and the trailer...

Saturday, May 6

Holy Fuck - I'd Be the Best Pilot EVER

    It's not very often that I play video games, but when I do (and when this computer can handle it) it's usually Sim City, Age of Empires or Flight Simulator 2k4...

    Knowing every god damn thing there is to know about planes, inside and out, playing this game is almost second nature... Thankfully this time, I don't have to fix the pieces of shit when they break... [Brock knows what I'm talking about]...

    Anyhow, as you can see by this picture, I'd be the best fuckin pilot EVER!.. I'd bring people right to the door of their hotel... Custom valet service with no need to spend money on cab fare... I'd even have an open bar in the back, only hot ass stewardesses, no one under 21 years old, no one over 60 years old, no handicapped, no pregnant chicks, no fat chicks, no muslims (I'd like to live to see 30), a pole for dancing, and steak and ribs for every meal... Oh, and for choices of in-flight movies you get: Dumb and Dumber, Terminator 2, Rocky 1, 2, & 4, Airheads, or The Karate Kid... Dude this sounds sweet... In fact, no one is allowed on my plane... Just me and the stewardesses with my beer and steak... Wait.. Why the fuck am I flying the plane?... The pilot is now Lacey Chabert... She's puurty...

    Oh yeah, the game is cool...

Tuesday, May 2

The Sweetness is in My Pants

    Every-so-often stuff comes along that is so nerdy that I just drop to the ground and start salivating over it... These cufflinks are just such an example.. On a side note, I just saw this shirt for sale over at It demonstrates my anti-"going outside" mentality [my screen tan is dark enough from the glow of my monitor]... Anyhow, today is my berfday, so maybe I'll get an opportunity to load up on geek shit... If you're wondering what to get me, donate some money to The EFF and I'll be a happy man... But as for this post, it's time for me to wipe, so I'm out for the day.. PIECE

Monday, May 1

N64 Emulator for PSP just released!

Yep we have a N64 Emulator! StrmnNrmn has released the first public build of his N64 Emulator, Daedalus. And it's working pretty good. Although it's a port, it still shows that given the right amount of perseverance, anything can be achieved.

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Sunday, April 16

I Don't Like My Coffee Shaky!

    Well, I got some new electronic toys this last week to help me along with my labs... Anyhow, it's like fuckin 5 in the morning and I can't fuckin sleep... Too much electronic stuff for me to do, sleep is for the weak... I put together a switched cold cathode powered from some AA's to light up the inside of a Skyy Vodka bottle (I'm an alcoholic)... And, [pictured] I got pong running on a lcd screen inside a gameboy, also running off of some batteries.. It has a component (like I said, it's late) composite input, so you could - fuck, i don't know - hook a video camera, gaming console, or vcr/dvd player up to the screen to view the output... I really haven't thought that part through yet... Gimme a week... It's late, and [H]ouse is on... PEACE!

Tuesday, April 4

An American "Revolution"

2007 Chevy Tahoe Make Your Own Commercial Contest"

    Awww man.. I had a good fuckin time playing with this shit... Seems as if Chevrolet has come up with a contest to see who can come up with the best commercial for their new SUV... Turns out, not everyone took this seriously... The fuck I say?.. Check 'em out for yourself... Oh, and while you're at it, take a look at mine too [update: seems as if the fuckers deleted it... perhaps i shouldn't have formally entered it into the contest :P ]... It's 130... SACHZ OUT!

Monday, April 3

A swing and a miss!

Movie Industry to Relase Movies Online

    Came across an interesting article today... Apparently the MPAA is taking a giant step, and accepting the slow migration of media onto the internet... They are offering movie downloads online at twice the price of what you would pay for them to actually go out and buy the copy... Available ONLY on windows-ran machines, you are only able to watch said movie on your computer... Their fears of wide-spread piracy prevent them from allowing you to watch them on your television...

    Somehow they are justifying the bloated cost as a "convenience fee"... Let's be Joe Consumer for a minute here: How convenient is it really?

  "New" Movie Download
Fat Ass to Blockbuster
Total Time DSL (80kBps): 16.3 hours
Cable (500kBps): 2.5 hours
FiOS: (1.8MBps): 44 minutes
Finding Pants & Shoes: 30 minutes
3 miles both ways: 10 minutes
In store browsing: 30 minutes
At register (trainee): 1 hour
    Winner: Fat Ass
Total Cost DSL: $20/mo.
Cable: $50/mo.
FiOS: $50/mo.
Price of Download: $30
Computer: $1500
Electricity: $100/mo.
Gas: $2.50/gal. x 6 mi. : $1.36
Price of Movie: $15
TV: $500
Dvd Player: $100
    Winner: Fat Ass  
Watching a New Release DVD on a 15" Monitor
Watching a New Release DVD where-ever the fuck you want
    Winner: Fat Ass  
Limitations ONLY plays on your computer
"oops, I fuckin deleted it!"
"I can't burn it?!?"

-can burn in Windows
Media format to watch
in up to 2 more
Need Dvd player & TV to watch
    Winner: Fat Ass

    HOWEVER retarded as they are in their approach, at least they're giving it a shot... I'll give them an A+ for effort, but a F---- for douche-bagedness (that's now a word - because i said so!)... Oh, and did i mention that downloading movies from the internet all but eliminates their distribution costs?.. add another "-" to that F!

Click here to see if you qualify for Verizon's FiOS

Saturday, April 1


    Where does the MPAA get the balls to say that the entertainment industry is losing revenue due to the rising trend of movie piracy?... Watch this god damn trailer then explain to me why anyone would still have a remote interest in going to the theatres anymore... It's not like Sam Jackson needs more money, this is his 85th movie so far, with 4 more in the line up (one of which is an obvious gold mine tv series - "Afro Samurai")... retire already, would you Mr. Jackson?..

Tuesday, March 28

Wine-gina on Sale!

Porn Star Sells Own Wine

    This is great... Basically, this porn star wants to couple her "fame" (like anyone remembers her face) with her expertise in wine... Cuz if there's anything a porn star does better than fuck her brains out - it's making and selling her own brand of wine!

Like Movies Much?

Ultimate Movie Timeline

    Best part:

33 Jesus is crucified and raised from the dead (Jesus of Nazareth, The Passion of the Christ)

A man called Brian is crucified, and presumably not raised from the dead (Life of Brian)

Panda Crack Whore and I Don't Care

Man Paints Panda on Hair

    This is quite possibly the largest waste of time by an asian I have ever witnessed... Why are they wasting brain power on such moronic things when they could be creating artificial intelligent robots, better chess playing computers, or smoother saki?.. At least this completely pointless hobby kept him off the road...

    Fuck them for killing the curve in school!

Friday, March 24

Baa Baa Gay Sheep

    According to a recent news report, Brits are now expecting their kids to re-memorize some new lyrics for a classic nursery rhyme - "Baa Baa Black Sheep"... Apparently having a bunch of 5 year olds singing the words 'black sheep' is offending farm animals and humans alike... The words are now the inoffensive alternative "Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep"...

    They apparently turned down my alternatives via e-mail:
Dear Mr. Sachz,

    We regret to inform you that changing the lyrics to the song Baa Baa Black Sheep have been turned down. We thank you for your suggestions, but the board found that Baa Baa Butt-Pirate Sheep, Baa Baa Blacky Gangsta Ass Sheep, and Baa Baa Fuckin Arab Terrorist Sheep were offensive and not kid-worthy. We hope that God may have mercy on your soul.
    Fuckin Limeys...

Okay, seriously... WTF?!?

Monument of Birth

    I'm fuckin speechless... I'm full of thoughts, but yet, none what-so-ever...

    Without starting some sort of pro-life / pro-choice argument here, what the fuck is wrong with you pro-lifers?.. In what possible way is this supposed help people with the decision of whether or not to keep their baby?.. I understand that Mrs. Spears was attractive at one time (minus the manly face), but how does that qualify her for being a poster woman for pregnancy... However, I suppose that it could be worse... He could have modeled the statue after a pregnant Star Jones...

Thursday, March 23

Good News Everyone! Xbox Live Sucks

    It always amazes me how people are willing to shell out all their hard earned money for anything that Micro$oft produces... There are so many open source alternatives to the programs the corporate big boys produce... With Windows, there's Linux... With Internet Explorer, there's Firefox... With Media Center, there's MythTV... And for Xbox Live, there's xLink Kai...

    Team xLink has created an outstanding program that rivals everything that Xbox Live provides, with none of the subscription fees, bugs, or limitations... Take from their site:
XLink Kai is a global gaming network - bringing together XBox [& Xbox 360], Playstation 2, Gamecube and PSP users, in one integrated community. It is software running on your PC or Macintosh that allows you to play system-link enabled games online for free. Kai is the only service that is not console specific, and boasts one of the friendliest communites available.
Plus, the software runs flawlessly with Xbox Media Center (also open source)... Xbox Media Center also boasts a wide range of customizations such as skins, and kick ass scripts...

"Now, if you don't mind... I think I'm gonna hurl." - Garth Algar

Answer Me Damn It!

    Sadly, Saint Patrick's Day has come and gone, but not without taking away some necessary brain cells (which apparently were responsible for controlling my basic motor functions) and like 10-15% of my liver... Speakin of which, if anyone has an extra liver, just lying around the house - hook a brutha up.. I'm AB positive...

    During my search of the internet to see if livers grow back over time, I came across Yahoo's 'Ask'... Unlike a search engine, anything that you ask it isn't guaranteed to be answered, nor do the answers come immediately... However, the questions that are answered make for a good read, such as: How to become a ninja, What driving speed gives the best fuel efficiency, or What the fuck is a Liger?... They have yet to answer any of my questions though... fuckers...

Friday, March 17

Erin Go HAI!

    Changed the format around a little, so bear with me while i catch up (it might take a while to get back to 100%).. fuck it.. on to more important news...

    Today is quite possibly one of the best days of the year - SAINT PATRICKS DAY!!.. This is the day when everyone, no matter what nationality, gender or age, come together and drink like middle aged irish men (see image)... Ah the times that have and will be had... The streets will be lined with green puke in the morning!...

"I love the smell of green puke in the morning, smells like... hangover" - Robert Duvall

Thursday, March 16

Cool internet shit of the day...

    Any computer user that browses the internet with Internet Explorer should just shoot themselves in the head... If you follow through on this, I'll even send you the cost of the bullet... To redeem your "free bullet" please read the fine print below...

    Firefox is the shit... It has stability, ease of use, and a ton of security measures... It is also well known for unlimited customizations... One of the most popular customized add-ons, GreaseMonkey - can completely change any internet page you routinely visit... Anyone that knows a little javascript code can change their browser's behavior... A little database called maintains user submitted javascript customizations like: website ad removal, Google & Yahoo edits, and internet mail modifications...

    I'm fuckin sober, but alas!.. TOMORROW IS FUCKIN SAINT PATRICKS DAY!!! Mai irish asss is goan get drunck!.. Anyhow, download Firefox here if you haven't already:

[Offer details subject to verification upon entry submittle. Sachz Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. No shirt, no shoes, no service. Elderly civilian entries need not apply, your life is basically over anyhow and not worth our money.]
Please send .34 cents and SASE to:
22665 Apple Grove Lane
Dover, Delaware 19901

She looked like a yeti...

    Ha, no i haven't perished (yet)... I have been so god damn busy with school and work that i really haven't even given this whole internet thing a second thought, aside the research / music downloads / porn browsing... However, i did find something incredibly kick ass online this last week....

    I have been wanting lately, something to control Xbox Media Center... The xbox controller works great, but some sort of touch screen / wireless / internet capable remote is needed - A pda would cost upwards of $600, which brought me to the idea of modding a PSP (around $350 total)... Searching through all the forums and websites of creative shit people have come up with, i came across the ultimate of all psp mods - a remote control for a car... if you click around a bit, you would also info on someone who automated his house with a PSP... god, the shit [smart] people can come up with...

Wednesday, February 15

Hispasian vs. Chinegro

    I don't know if any of you have watched the movie "Domino", but damn it's pretty kick ass.. the only part that sticks out in my head - besides the numerous explosions - is the 'mixed races' session on Jerry Springer...

    For those who don't have a fuckin clue what i'm talking about, here is a chart below:

    Fuck i hope my fingers worked tonight.... to answer all your questions - i'm a Chispanic

Monday, February 13

My Dong Itches

    I would like to open by saying, I will give head / cunnilingus to anyone that can tell me what kinda circuit that is... AND, I will finger your asshole if you can tell me the output - if the input voltages are (Vcc 10v and AC is 100mv pp @ 100kHz)... Click for a more detailed picture...

    Intel stated recently that they will (in 2007) start production on an 8 core processor with 45nm technology... I think that's great and all, but with all the new technology trends that we've been suckered into buying recently - 64 bit processors, Hyper Threading, Dual-Core, Dual Channel Ram, (Dual) etc... - software needs to be given a chance to catch up... I understand there is a market of people that are dumb enough to buy into all this new shit, but they are also the type of people that have no idea what it means...

    I am asked on a daily basis: what "(insert new upgrade here)" will do for their current Windows XP based computer; but I come back each time with: "basically nothing"... If you're going to drop your entire paycheck to buy kick ass hardware, then turn around and install a windows based system on it, you're only wasting your money... It's like buying a ferrari, then overhauling it with a hamster-wheel engine... save your money until you learn what your computer can do... Oh, and to answer the video card question (which i'm facing everyday): video ram makes little to no difference from a 256mb to a 512mb solution.. the real difference lies in the video processor... granted more video ram kicks ass, but a dual processor 256mb 7800gtxOC will kick the ever loving shit out of a 512mb 6600... if you wanna know which card to buy - Tom's Hardware or [H]ard OCP for benchmarks... stop being a brand whore and buy what works best...

    I'll leave you with these words of wisdom - "NO... I WILL NOT FIX YOUR COMPUTER"


Saturday, February 11

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

    Man.. I don't know if any of you have ever watched the Jimmy Kimmel show before; but if you haven't, the only real reason to tune is the "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship" segment... I have them all (somewhere around here), and would put them up for everyone to see - if I could have a webhost that would hold more than 10 megs... Anyhow, enjoy....

Push Play

Saturday, January 28

Send Messages Stfu

    For anyone who sends text messages alot and hates both typing long messages on a cellphone's keypad and paying 10 cents a go, Google has come out with a Firefox extension that enables users to send messages from their web browsers... check out: Google labs SMS Firefox extension...

Thursday, January 26

Drink Up Mofo!

    Long Island Iced Tea is some good shit... Fingers no worky.. is the shit for us alcoholic types... oh shit, although this 'recipe' says to use tequila - if you omit it, it tastes SO much better... what the fuck am i doing on the computer?.. play some xbox then pass the fuck out... PIECE!

Monday, January 23

My Lifelong Dream

    This is probably one of the coolest fuckin things i have seen in a long time.... Paula Abdula Al-Jawa Rashid (some prince dude in Saudi) has erected.. haha - erected... an entire island community that resembles the world's countries, and a few states in the US, out in the middle of the Persian Gulf... having Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabi as your neighbors aside - being able to live on your own fuckin island with none of the retards on the mainland would rock.. that's why i have started a paypal donation box... i only need to acquire $7.3 trillion to live out my dream... only people with some serious money need apply.. Click here to visit 'The World'

Sunday, January 22

Free Dude Mags

    Every so often, I come across an ass-load of free magazine subscriptions... A ton of people ask me, "Mr. Sachz, how come you have so many god damn magazines all the time?".. "Well little Peter", i say, "it's because i'm the shit... now get back in the bedroom and don't stop filming until they're done!"... So for those who have asked - you know who you are - here you go ----> Link 1 (code: freepack), Link 2 (code: FreeOffer)... you're welcome... plus this gave me an opportunity to photoshop something else... i'm always lookin for an excuse... Sachz Out!