Thursday, January 19

Story of My Life

    Got home from class today with the biggest caffeine headache in the god damn world, when i remembered that there was a huge bottle of Mountain Dew in the fridge... After a long day of realizing that I'm not really any good at Electronic Engineering, i just want to sit, relax and play some Super Mario Brothers to reaffirm my "worthfulness" - if that's a word... so i get a cup with some ice and think about how shitty the day was, when staring back at me was a bright yellow cap telling me that i'm a loser.. yeah, thanks... like i needed yet one more reason to dream what cold steel tastes like... thanks Mountain Dew... thanks alot!.. they should put a suicide hotline number on the bottle just in case... i'm not saying that i'm going to kill myself over not winning a Visa gift card, but if someone had their toe on the trigger, that little "you lost asshole" message might just push them over the edge...

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