Thursday, March 16

Cool internet shit of the day...

    Any computer user that browses the internet with Internet Explorer should just shoot themselves in the head... If you follow through on this, I'll even send you the cost of the bullet... To redeem your "free bullet" please read the fine print below...

    Firefox is the shit... It has stability, ease of use, and a ton of security measures... It is also well known for unlimited customizations... One of the most popular customized add-ons, GreaseMonkey - can completely change any internet page you routinely visit... Anyone that knows a little javascript code can change their browser's behavior... A little database called maintains user submitted javascript customizations like: website ad removal, Google & Yahoo edits, and internet mail modifications...

    I'm fuckin sober, but alas!.. TOMORROW IS FUCKIN SAINT PATRICKS DAY!!! Mai irish asss is goan get drunck!.. Anyhow, download Firefox here if you haven't already:

[Offer details subject to verification upon entry submittle. Sachz Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. No shirt, no shoes, no service. Elderly civilian entries need not apply, your life is basically over anyhow and not worth our money.]
Please send .34 cents and SASE to:
22665 Apple Grove Lane
Dover, Delaware 19901

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