Friday, March 24

Okay, seriously... WTF?!?

Monument of Birth

    I'm fuckin speechless... I'm full of thoughts, but yet, none what-so-ever...

    Without starting some sort of pro-life / pro-choice argument here, what the fuck is wrong with you pro-lifers?.. In what possible way is this supposed help people with the decision of whether or not to keep their baby?.. I understand that Mrs. Spears was attractive at one time (minus the manly face), but how does that qualify her for being a poster woman for pregnancy... However, I suppose that it could be worse... He could have modeled the statue after a pregnant Star Jones...

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Phronk said...

That's really, really weird.

I don't understand the logic behind being pro-life. I understand even less how this statue is in support of pro-life. Does everyone who ever gives birth support the pro-life position? Or only pop stars?