Sunday, April 16

I Don't Like My Coffee Shaky!

    Well, I got some new electronic toys this last week to help me along with my labs... Anyhow, it's like fuckin 5 in the morning and I can't fuckin sleep... Too much electronic stuff for me to do, sleep is for the weak... I put together a switched cold cathode powered from some AA's to light up the inside of a Skyy Vodka bottle (I'm an alcoholic)... And, [pictured] I got pong running on a lcd screen inside a gameboy, also running off of some batteries.. It has a component (like I said, it's late) composite input, so you could - fuck, i don't know - hook a video camera, gaming console, or vcr/dvd player up to the screen to view the output... I really haven't thought that part through yet... Gimme a week... It's late, and [H]ouse is on... PEACE!

Tuesday, April 4

An American "Revolution"

2007 Chevy Tahoe Make Your Own Commercial Contest"

    Awww man.. I had a good fuckin time playing with this shit... Seems as if Chevrolet has come up with a contest to see who can come up with the best commercial for their new SUV... Turns out, not everyone took this seriously... The fuck I say?.. Check 'em out for yourself... Oh, and while you're at it, take a look at mine too [update: seems as if the fuckers deleted it... perhaps i shouldn't have formally entered it into the contest :P ]... It's 130... SACHZ OUT!

Monday, April 3

A swing and a miss!

Movie Industry to Relase Movies Online

    Came across an interesting article today... Apparently the MPAA is taking a giant step, and accepting the slow migration of media onto the internet... They are offering movie downloads online at twice the price of what you would pay for them to actually go out and buy the copy... Available ONLY on windows-ran machines, you are only able to watch said movie on your computer... Their fears of wide-spread piracy prevent them from allowing you to watch them on your television...

    Somehow they are justifying the bloated cost as a "convenience fee"... Let's be Joe Consumer for a minute here: How convenient is it really?

  "New" Movie Download
Fat Ass to Blockbuster
Total Time DSL (80kBps): 16.3 hours
Cable (500kBps): 2.5 hours
FiOS: (1.8MBps): 44 minutes
Finding Pants & Shoes: 30 minutes
3 miles both ways: 10 minutes
In store browsing: 30 minutes
At register (trainee): 1 hour
    Winner: Fat Ass
Total Cost DSL: $20/mo.
Cable: $50/mo.
FiOS: $50/mo.
Price of Download: $30
Computer: $1500
Electricity: $100/mo.
Gas: $2.50/gal. x 6 mi. : $1.36
Price of Movie: $15
TV: $500
Dvd Player: $100
    Winner: Fat Ass  
Watching a New Release DVD on a 15" Monitor
Watching a New Release DVD where-ever the fuck you want
    Winner: Fat Ass  
Limitations ONLY plays on your computer
"oops, I fuckin deleted it!"
"I can't burn it?!?"

-can burn in Windows
Media format to watch
in up to 2 more
Need Dvd player & TV to watch
    Winner: Fat Ass

    HOWEVER retarded as they are in their approach, at least they're giving it a shot... I'll give them an A+ for effort, but a F---- for douche-bagedness (that's now a word - because i said so!)... Oh, and did i mention that downloading movies from the internet all but eliminates their distribution costs?.. add another "-" to that F!

Click here to see if you qualify for Verizon's FiOS

Saturday, April 1


    Where does the MPAA get the balls to say that the entertainment industry is losing revenue due to the rising trend of movie piracy?... Watch this god damn trailer then explain to me why anyone would still have a remote interest in going to the theatres anymore... It's not like Sam Jackson needs more money, this is his 85th movie so far, with 4 more in the line up (one of which is an obvious gold mine tv series - "Afro Samurai")... retire already, would you Mr. Jackson?..