Friday, May 26

Crazy Ass Weather Pictures

Absolutely amazing pictures from a storm chaser in Nebraska.

Ahhh.... I remember the days when this kinda shit was outside my window, but now all i ever see is hot, scorching 180 degree sand... Definately a great place to raise a family... If the link is too flooded with users, the mirrors below will also work... Once finals are over, more posts will be a comin'... sorry folks :/

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Thursday, May 11

Klaatu Barada Nikto

    Speaking of reaching the youth with friendly, mind-altering approaches, the BSA [Business Software Alliance] has developed a new way to curb piracy in a pseudo-grassroots movement... The BSA Cyber Treehouse is a 'kid-friendly' way to teach the youth of America many important life decisions - all of which keep sending the recording, movie, and software industry those bloated paychecks each month... Taken from their site...

It's UNCOOL to use the internet to:

● E-Mail or chat with strangers [makes sense]

● Give out personal information about yourself (name, address, phone number, credit card numbers, school, likes / dislikes, your picture [good point]

● Download or share copyrighted software programs, music, movies, or games without paying for them [wait... what?]

● Copy pictures or books and magazines without the permission of the author or artist [kids know how to do this?]

● Read or look at anything that makes you uncomfortable [isn't this what the internet is used for?]
    Well, for anyone that knows me, it's blatently obvious that I couldn't have my kids unprotected from the dangers of the internet... As soon as I discovered there was such a site looking to strengthen the moral fabric of families everywhere, I forced my son to read, memorize, and recite the site in it's entirety so that no future illegal mishaps may occur... He's very proud of all his hard work [although, he's mostly thankful that I put away the "lesson" belt], but he wanted me to post his certificate for all to see... Thank you BSA

Play It CyberSafe!

Wednesday, May 10

I Speak tha Troof... I Come in tha Name of Jesus!

    According to Google, this video has been viewed well over 280,000 times, so I'm just doing my part to spreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad tha werd... If you come in tha name of Jesus with tha powa of da holy spi-it, do your part to justify YouTube's $1 Million a month bandwidth fees, and support their website...

    For further research, check out the Spirit of the Truth's second video and the MySpace page... If you want to learn more about chrisitanity, check out Dr. Dino's website... He spent his entire life developing a child friendly theme park, where "dinosaurs and the bible meet"... You can learn all kinds of interesting facts; like what caused dinosaurs to become extinct well over 3,000 years ago and why evolution doesn't hold a candle to the proven facts of creationist beliefs...

Monday, May 8

Hi, I'm Skeletor.

    Came across The Skeletor Show on YouTube today... Don't want to waste your time, check it out: Episode 1, 2, 3 [below], and the trailer...

Saturday, May 6

Holy Fuck - I'd Be the Best Pilot EVER

    It's not very often that I play video games, but when I do (and when this computer can handle it) it's usually Sim City, Age of Empires or Flight Simulator 2k4...

    Knowing every god damn thing there is to know about planes, inside and out, playing this game is almost second nature... Thankfully this time, I don't have to fix the pieces of shit when they break... [Brock knows what I'm talking about]...

    Anyhow, as you can see by this picture, I'd be the best fuckin pilot EVER!.. I'd bring people right to the door of their hotel... Custom valet service with no need to spend money on cab fare... I'd even have an open bar in the back, only hot ass stewardesses, no one under 21 years old, no one over 60 years old, no handicapped, no pregnant chicks, no fat chicks, no muslims (I'd like to live to see 30), a pole for dancing, and steak and ribs for every meal... Oh, and for choices of in-flight movies you get: Dumb and Dumber, Terminator 2, Rocky 1, 2, & 4, Airheads, or The Karate Kid... Dude this sounds sweet... In fact, no one is allowed on my plane... Just me and the stewardesses with my beer and steak... Wait.. Why the fuck am I flying the plane?... The pilot is now Lacey Chabert... She's puurty...

    Oh yeah, the game is cool...

Tuesday, May 2

The Sweetness is in My Pants

    Every-so-often stuff comes along that is so nerdy that I just drop to the ground and start salivating over it... These cufflinks are just such an example.. On a side note, I just saw this shirt for sale over at It demonstrates my anti-"going outside" mentality [my screen tan is dark enough from the glow of my monitor]... Anyhow, today is my berfday, so maybe I'll get an opportunity to load up on geek shit... If you're wondering what to get me, donate some money to The EFF and I'll be a happy man... But as for this post, it's time for me to wipe, so I'm out for the day.. PIECE

Monday, May 1

N64 Emulator for PSP just released!

Yep we have a N64 Emulator! StrmnNrmn has released the first public build of his N64 Emulator, Daedalus. And it's working pretty good. Although it's a port, it still shows that given the right amount of perseverance, anything can be achieved.

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