Friday, May 26

Crazy Ass Weather Pictures

Absolutely amazing pictures from a storm chaser in Nebraska.

Ahhh.... I remember the days when this kinda shit was outside my window, but now all i ever see is hot, scorching 180 degree sand... Definately a great place to raise a family... If the link is too flooded with users, the mirrors below will also work... Once finals are over, more posts will be a comin'... sorry folks :/

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BrockFuckingSamson said...

Holy fucking shitballs! Some of those storm chasing pics are beyond sweet looking! :p

Sucks the nut to live in Tornado ally sometimes....not that I would know. ;)

Phronk said...

I dugg that story myself. I wish some of the pics were bigger so I could use them as wallpaper. Like, on my computer, not in my house.