Friday, July 21

Holy Shit Poop!

    I almost would rather have you guys view the High Def version here instead of looking at the shit quality one on YouTube, but for the lazy - here you go:

Monday, July 17

Beat 7069.47m!

    This game is freakin addicting... No mortal man can beat my score... Oh, and fuck that "stop" bitch... fuckin whore!

Click here to play Nania-Crash

[EDIT: 9309.43m]

Freakin Sweeet

    I'll actually post something when I have something to say... As for right now, I have alot of work to do and I feel like taking a shit again..

Population Control at it's Best

Wednesday, July 12

Smile Damn It!


    Can you believe that title actually sounded funny to me when it was typed?.. Ahh, beer.. How I've missed thee.... Oh, and here is a video of my twin brother in Japan... We are so much alike...

Friday, July 7

Best Buy is Crap?.. The hell you say..!

    Man, when I was a teenager, I would love nothing more than to visit my local technology shops, they were my equivalent of a strip club... Growing up in southern Caleeforn-ya, there are many to choose from - Best Buy, Circuit City, Fry's, Sam Goody, The Good Guys, etc... I often commented that I would love nothing more than to take a mattress and move into the back of Best Buy and live there until I grew old and retarded - be the weird guy in the computer department...

    Well, the more I learn about electronics, the more I realize that Best Buy isn't for us geeks... For those that have a clue, or those that just do their research, their stocks aren't exactly what you would call "good" or even "worthwhile"... Of course, this doesn't apply to ALL their products, I'll leave the Video Games / Dvds / Mice / Wires / simple purchases out of this conversation... They carry generic products, have horribly undertrained / unintelligent staff, and 'treat their customers like commodities' - to quote Leo... Anyone that has a geek friend will know enough to stay away from 'brick and mortor' stores like Best Buy and head towards the more competitive online marketplace... I have 3 buddies that (have) work(ed) at Best Buy, and can't stop talking about how shitty they are...

    Opinions like ours aren't completely random either, and most are taken to harsh, sometimes violent extremes... Check out:

- Best Buy Sux
- I Hate Best Buy

    I recommend:, the "Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 05:59:01 +0900" story... good read...

Thursday, July 6

Wow, Didn't Realize IE is Still Used...

    So there I was, taking a shit, when I take a look on my site with other browsers to check compatibility... I get to my least favorite, Internet Explorer, and noticed that none of the images with transparency are coming up correctly... Most all the images on this page are .png and are completely fucked up lookin in IE... Every time that I code a page, IE is always the hardest to make compatible with... WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL USING IT?!? It's full of security holes, stability issues, and opens up your computer to all kinds of annoyances (spyware, virii, popups, firewall issues, incompatibility)... Aren't any of these anti-trust lawsuits with Microsoft doing any good?.. Please people, do yourself a favor and use a decent browser.. Anything else, I don't care - ANYTHING... But until I fix these image problems, I apologize to the IE users for your choice in software...

    Here are some links for other browsers -
Firefox 1.504, Opera 9.0, Mozilla, & Netscape

    Mac & Linux users need not worry... Your 'out of box' software works without any problems or security issues - Konquerer, Epiphany, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Camino (open source Safari alternative) - to name a few...

Wednesday, July 5

Oh Sh*t! Mall Cops!

    And to commemorate a new look for this page, let me introduce - Bob Saget

Tuesday, July 4

Warning: Sober Guy @ Computer - Proceed with Caution

    Being on the computer isn't quite as fun when the house is as dry as the Sahara... I'm gonna try and stick with this 'not wasting every last penny I have on beer' diet for the month of July (sans the 4th and related social gatherings); and with any luck, maybe I'll lose some weight in the process... All previous attempts have failed miserably, causing my fat ass to sport a well rounded 27.3 BMI...

    So anyhow, I found these sites that allow you to generate error messages and warning signs to take away minutes of your afternoon boredom... The galleries of user submitted entries aren't really that funny, but worth a view for a chuckle... Mine are much better, and if I should say so myself, they deserve an academy award...

[6 hours & counting - status: hopeful]

Monday, July 3

Piggy Personality Test - Pork Pork Pork

    It's me again, 3 in the morning as usual, lookin for shit to do... For some reason my addiction to the computer far surpasses rational sleep / eating patterns...

    Growing up, I've always enjoyed drawing things and taking tests... So my prayers were answered when I found out that you can do both AT THE SAME TIME!.. Holy fuck shit, I can die happy now... Check out: the Piggy Drawing 101 / How fuckin crazy are you? exam online... If you wanna know how nuckin futs I am, take a look at this shit... The original really looked much better than the shit hole one in the link... Why can't they preserve piggy art in it's original, most perfect form?... Damn communists... [hindsight being 20/20, I should have just drawn a tail that filled the screen]

Saturday, July 1

Magazine and Booknanza!

    I'm more than certain that this isn't legal in the least, but it's pretty fuckin cool... it has google ads all over it, so that must mean they support it :P

1000's of eBooks

    Sachz Inc. and it's employees don't condone the use of this [eBook] site or any site like it in the act of 'piracy' or the free distribution of copyrighted material... Any documents in question that have been gathered from the above link are based solely on the users actions and not from tools aquired from Sachz Inc. affiliates... Downloading is illegal and immoral... Scientology is the only thing in this world that is real... Xenu forever!..