Wednesday, July 5

Oh Sh*t! Mall Cops!

    And to commemorate a new look for this page, let me introduce - Bob Saget


BrockFuckingSamson said...

What the FUCK is this?! Are these *real rappers* or just some fucktards making shit up...oh what all rap is just made up shit.

It's good to see Bob Saget's career sky rocketing. ;p

Harry J. Sachz said...

i hold bob saget in high respect... one night, a few years ago, my friends and i were cruisin down 13th street in compton lookin to score some weed... anyhow, during the transaction, the guy pulled out a gun and pistol whipped my friend then forced us to give him all of our money.. without warning, bob saget jumped out and kicked the shit out of him with a lead pipe... then bob took all three of us out for ice cream... he is my hero